Realizing a dual drive development pattern
Mainly using specialized components for large-scale wind turbine gearboxes,
The development model of large-scale injection molding machines with thick and specialized components as a supplement
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Xihua Technology adheres to the business philosophy of "creating high-quality products, creating benefits, realizing value, and building harmony". It has now formed a "dual drive" development pattern, with specialized components for large wind power gearboxes as the main component and thick specialized components for large injection molding machines as auxiliary. The group company, with Jiangsu Xihua New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. as its core, has three wholly-owned subsidiaries and 1200 employees. Its output value in 2022 is nearly RMB 1 billion, and it applied for an IPO on the main board in May 2023.
Development History
In the future, the company will closely follow the development trend of the wind power industry market and strive to become a global large-scale high-end equipment specific component manufacturer in the field of new energy wind power
Wuxi Xihua Foundry Co., Ltd. Established
Starting production of wind power gearbox products
Starting to focus on wind power gearboxes, injection molding machines, and mining engineering machinery related parts
Jiangsu Xihua was established in Yuanzhu Town, Taixing, and relocated to Hudai Town Industrial Park
The first phase of the Xihua machining base project has been put into operation
Jiangsu Xihua was rated as a "High tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province"
The second phase project of Xihua Machinery Processing Base has been put into operation
Jiangsu Xihua Phase II Expansion Project Completed
Jiangsu Xihua Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Established
Wuxi Xihua has completed the reform of its joint-stock company and has been renamed Jiangsu Xihua New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., laying the foundation for Jiangsu Xihua New Energy Headquarters
Jiangsu Xihua has been recognized as a national level specialized, refined, and innovative small giant
In the future
We grow together with the wind power industry
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Dedicated To Becoming A Leader In The Field Of New Energy Wind Power
Global Manufacturer Of High-End Equipment Specific Components
The company is closely following the market trend of large-scale wind power equipment and continuously upgrading the manufacturing technology of specialized components for wind power gearboxes. The research and development progress of products has always been synchronized with the development of high-power wind power gearboxes in the market.
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